Weekly Announcements - 1/17/21

Are you on our church mailing list yet? Announcements are emailed to the list every Sunday. If you are not on the list and would like to be added, please let the church office know at cccboffice@gmail.com. Please specify whether you would like to be added to the English Service mailing list or the Chinese Service mailing list.

Following the guidance of the county governor, the reopening plans for CCCB for in-person meetings have been postponed. The deacon board decided that all brothers and sisters should continue to stay at home and worship online, except for those involved in the production of the online Sunday Service. We want to remind all members to continue to practice safety first: wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and maintain social distancing. The church, fellowships, and congregation must continue to maintain close communication. Please notify each other of all updates as necessary.

If you do not have a daily devotional plan of your own, you are encouraged to read the “Today’s Devotional Meditation” published by Pastor Shen on our church website. If you following the Bible reading plan of one chapter per day, you will complete the reading of the entire New Testament this year.

Please welcome our New Youth Minister – Andy Castro and his family to the church. Andy started two weeks ago and will be serving part-time for a six months duration (probation) before being converted to full-time. Andy is married to Adela and the couple has two young children: Christina and Rafael.

Praise the Lord “The Light of Life Church” has officially become an independent Church last month. It is now “The Light of Life Christian Church, Inc.” (TLOLCC). TLOL has been running as a branch worship service of CCCB for more than seven years with its co-worker’s dedicated efforts. CCCB will continue to partially support the new church for two more years, based on the decision of EDB last September. May the Lord greatly use TLOLCC in local missions.

Our Associate Pastor – Reverend Tom Tofilon’s contract expires on 09/24/2021. As such, a special congregational meeting will be held online on April 18th, 2021 during which we will vote on whether or not to renew his contract for another three years. To assist the congregation in making a decision, the Elder Deacon Board has formed the English Pastor Evaluation Committee to survey all church members on Reverend Tofilon’s job performance. A survey will be e-mailed to all members in mid-January. After the survey results are collected, a summary report will be compiled for the congregation to review. Members may e-mail Deborah Ing at ing.deborah@gmail.com with any questions about the process.

The Dept. of Chinese Christian Education will begin four new online Sunday school courses: (1) <Spiritual growth class>: How can Christians continue to shine for the Lord in a dark world? We need to have enough spiritual resources through continuous learning about the Word, so that our spiritual life will renew and grow. Learning to be like Christ does not happen automatically after being baptized. It is the goal of our Christian life to learn shine for the Lord. Pastor Shen will divide the class into 12 sections covering “Knowing Christ”, “Growing in Christ” and “Serving Christ”. (2) <The Book of Romans>: The book of Romans is called the believers’ Constitution. In this perverted times, let us study this book to build our faith in Christ with the objective of a renewed, revived and enriched life. Brother John Wang will lead this class. (3) <The New City Catechism>, which is a Christian educational resource centered on the gospel. The fifty-two questions and answers not only summarize important Christian doctrines, but also help to change lives. Sister Joy Zhao will lead this class. The above three courses will start on January 24, 2021  (4) 「The Overview of New Testament Class」In the Overview of Old Testament, “the kingdom of God” and “God’s promises to His people” are a coherent thread, and all these are finished in the new covenant. The Overview of New Testament will continue the clues of the Old Testament and continue to study “The King and the Kingdom” and “God’s Promise to His People” to review and continue the themes of the Old Testament overview. The purpose is to show the coherence and unity of the themes of the entire Bible. Textbook: Bible Project: The Overview of New Testament. The class will start at February 7 2021, and will be led by Brother Zhang Zhe. All class time is 9:45-10:45 every Sunday. Zoom ID: 81035261060, Passcode: ****. Pre-registrations are encouraged for attendances:


“Step by Step Approaching the Light” – Knowing God from Science: The new class has already started at 9 pm every Friday night from 1/16, answer questions at 9 pm on Monday night, and replay at 9 pm on Wednesday morning, will be led by Brother Wei Lei. You are welcome to participate. Zoom meeting link 479002017, password: ******.

We thank the Lord that the church’s Sunday worship services have continued uninterrupted since the beginning of the CVOID-19 pandemic. We now need more volunteers to help with all aspects of the Sunday worship ministry (song leaders, audiovisual technicians, powerpoint, streaming) to reduce the stress of running our Sunday services. If you are moved and willing to participate, please contact Brother Wei Dong, we will have strict COVID protocols and training to keep everyone safe.

Duties and positions of 2021 deacons are as follow– Chair: Bro. Guoli Shi; Vice Chair & English Ministry: Sis.Joani Eng; Chinese Fellowship: Sis. Li Liu; Chinese Missions: Bro. Tainlin Huang; Chinese Christian Education: Bro. Guoli Shi; English Missions: Sis. Deborah Ing; Lunch/Transportation: Bro. Charles Zhang; General/Building: Bro. James Wang; Children’s Ministry: Bro. Nan Yu; Chinese Caring & Chinese Family Ministry: Sis. Brenda Moy & Sis. Xiaobo Hu; Chinese Worship: Bro. Dong Wei; Campus Ministry: Sis. Shanshan Qian. May they be good and faithful stewards and be used by God. If the congregation has any suggestions or comments on church ministries, please contact the pastors or deacons in charge of various departments, and you are also welcome to directly contact Brother Shi, Chairman of EDB via email at CCCBministry@gmail.com or phone/text at 443-823-0818, EDB will response the feedbacks promptly。

The Easter baptismal Service will be held on April 4 (Sunday afternoon). If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and desire to be baptized, please attend the baptismal class online (8-sessions) starting on 2/7, taught by sister Cathy Lee. Please call CCCB office at 410-823-8258(100) to register.

Our church’s Wednesday night prayer meeting (7:30-9:15) have five breakout groups: three Chinese, one Cantonese and one English group. We will pray in groups using the same ZOOM ID. Everyone is welcome to pray together. Zoom ID: 802297994, password: ******. Please contact the pastors or the church office for the password.

For all facing confusion and fear caused by the pandemic, you might need to communicate and pray with the pastors. The pastoral staff has started a “Caring Hotline” every Thursday night from 7:30-9:00 on Zoom. Conference ID: 802297994, password: ******. Everyone is welcome. Please contact the pastors or the church office for the password.

Prayer Meetings

Join us for corporate prayer meetings that take place every week online. Please contact the church office or the Pastoral staff for the Zoom meeting information.


WHEN: Wednesdays at 7:30PM