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Reverend Paul Shen

Rev. Paul Shen was born in Taiwan into a family of pastors and is a native of the Taiwanese Bunun tribe. He graduated from the National Zheng-Zhi University, and by the call of God, entered Taiwan Theological Seminary in 1977. For further theological training, he studied at the Western Evangelical Seminary in Portland, OR.

After returning to Taiwan, Rev. Shen taught at the Theological College and Seminary until 1990 when he entered Western Theological Seminary in Michigan and helped in planting several churches in Southwest Michigan.

In 1998, Rev. Shen was called by God to the Baltimore / Washington area and to the present, he has been the Senior Pastor at the Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore. At the moment, Rev. Shen is working towards a Doctorate of Ministry at the Logos Evangelical Seminary in California. He is married to his wife of over 30 years, Helen, and has three grown sons, Daniel, Samuel, and James.

Reverend Tom Tofilon

Having graduated from Columbia Biblical Seminary/CIU, Pastor Tom and Julie (DMin.), served 15 years in overseas missions among unreached people groups in Indonesia, Turkey, and China, evangelizing, teaching, making disciples, planting churches, and training leaders. Before that, they served for many years in the U.S. as a pastor (Tom) planting a church,  ministering to the homeless (Tom) and  International-Students– reaching the lost and training up believers who the Lord has brought here to our country. Together, they have co-authored four books: Communicating Like Christ: An In Depth Look at the Conversational Skills of Jesus;  Who is a Godly Leader? (translated into Turkish); Speaking Beautiful English: Building Successful Lives; and Praying to God Our Father Using 52 of His Attributes– helping us to learn how to trust, pray, and obey as He protects, provides, and guides.

“Our desire is to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to make Jesus’ last command on earth our first—preaching the Gospel and making disciples. As true with all of us made in His image, we love to help others to build a healthy relationship with their God, family, and community, finding comfort and encouragement in their time of need. We love to see many use their acquired skills, natural talents, and spiritual gifts for building the kingdom of God.” 

They have two wonderful sons (David and Joseph), a sweet daughter-in-law (Brooke), and two adorable grandchildren (Quinlan and Ellis). They love to worship together (and with others) in music and walking in God’s awesome creation. Hope you can visit us. Let’s walk and talk!