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默想二:基督徒信仰的危機是什麼?不在於否認救恩的功效,而是在於忽略它. 忽略就是根本不把救恩當做一回事,也沒有用信心接受它,結果就失去了。我們若忽略救恩,就不能逃罪,難免落入罪的捆綁;反過來說,我們若鄭重所聽見救恩的道理,就能在靈裡得真自由,過一個真正蒙釋放的基督徒生活。


《Today’s spiritual meditation》:  “how shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation?” (Heb 2:3)

Meditation one: Why is God’s salvation so great that we cannot ignore it? It is because God paid a great price to save us, and sacrificed His only begotten son, Jesus, on the cross. God’s salvation is so rich, it includes forgiveness of sins and eternal life; it also includes the enjoyment of the blessings and refreshingness through our lives in Christ, and the kingdom and glory that we will inherit in the future.

Meditation two: What is the crisis of a Christian’s faith? It is not about denying the value of salvation, but about ignoring it. Ignoring means a total neglect of the salvation, a failure of accepting it with faith, and an ultimate loss. If we neglect salvation, we cannot escape sin and inevitably fall into the bondage of sin. On the other hand, if we pay the most careful attention to the truth of salvation, we can be truly free in the spirit and live a truthfully Christian life of freedom.

Prayer: Thank God heavenly Father for Your wonderful salvation that even came to a lowly person like me. What You have given is far more than what I have expected. Help me to respond to Your love with thankfulness and let me demonstrate my repentance by my deeds. Let good win victory over the evil, so I can live out Your goodness every day. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!



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